HELP! getting turbo off


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Ok so i decided to finally dive in and change out the turbo on my 85 GN. So far i have everything unhooked excepth the oil return (the one behind and under the turbo). How do you get to this thing!?!? Hell i messed with it for nearly an hour with no luck. Is there some trick to it? Please anyone help me quickly.
If you have all the nuts around the turbo off, then just take a good pry bar and pop it off. I just did mine the other night. Place the pry bar under the center of the turbo from the front and pry it up. Just pay attention to what the pry bar is pressing against on the intake manifold.
i was in the same situation as you. I acually didnt unbolt it from the turbo, i just pulled it out from the rubber gromet. Once that comes out of the gromet, the turbo is free and you can take it off and then get to the bolts.
hope that helps
Be careful

I also just pull the oil line out of the rubber grommet. Just be careful putting it back in, Turbo Riviera has had the rubber grommet push into the intake. That was a real pain.