Help In Tallahassee


Feb 1, 2009
I am looking for someone inTallahassee who is willing to help with a humanitarian mission. Here is the story, while attending FSU in 1990 I became friends with an older gentlemen who also had a grand national. He would help me work on the car and offered the hospitality of his garage and tools. We remained friends after I graduated and left and exchanged Christmas cards each year. I stopped hearing from him a few years ago even though I continued sending cards to him. I thought he had passed away, although I could find no records of his passing. Maybe he had moved into an assisted living home. Well this year I received a card from him from the same address, but the writing was very minimal and made no sense, as if he was on his last leg. I sent him a letter immediately with my number but have not received a response. He must be near 90 years old by now and he is a retired Air Force officer. Is there anyone near Tallahassee who is willing to go by his house and check on him and let him know I was looking into him? He lives on Old Village Way. I will send you the exact address if you can step up for an old TB guy. Please help a fellow TB guy.

Front Mount

Oct 10, 2004
Bandit 395, I'll PM you, I'm in FWB about 200 miles away, but my GN hasn't had a trip in a while, and doing a good deed will give me Karma for it making it without incident. I'll PM you for address and any other details.