Help! Is this chip related?


I installed a 4" Intake system (Like the Big Mouth :eek: Cold Air System) yesterday and it just killed my short times. The car runs great and I picked up a pound of boost from the system, but it takes forever for the turbo to spool when compared to the 3" system I had before. I mean I can't rip 2nd gear like I used to or anything. I did notice that it's a bit lean of the hole and then it richens up a bit when it gets going and I prolly get about 1* of knock with 16-17 psi. The chip I currently have is a Joe Lubrant 93 street chip w/ 20* of timing. It's worked pretty good so far but was wondering if it's still suitable for my new cam/intake system. I was wondering if I can actually get a chip that would help the turbo spool up quicker.

Do I have too much air going in now? I mean the car 60' s in the 1.8-1.9 area due to the bigger turbonetics .63 exhaust housing (saids .63 on it but looks much bigger when compared to the stock one from factory) but mph's pretty good. I definitely feel a big difference with this intake system when I nail it from a 40 mph roll. It's just the short time that was affected due to slower spool up.

Can a different chip fix this?