help me I have ?s before buying


May 4, 2005
I am considering buying a hot air t-type with trashed interior with a good body and t-tops that don't run for 1200 bucks/ or a 84 gn with new paint rebuilt engine new tires, rebuilt posi rear, and a stall, but needs a fuel pump but still runs, for 4500. which would you go with? the gn is about 5 hours away but either way i go it will have to be trailered home. one other question i have is can you match the performance of the ic cars even after you add the intercooler conversion, ecm, and electric fans? I remember reading i while back on a post that somebody was working on an intake and ic setup for these cars that were supposed to surpass the performance of the ic cars and the price was very reasonable, something like around 800 bucks. I had planned on buying an ic car but they're so damn expensive but would buy somewhat of a project as long as it was all there. any responses would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for making this so long, just getting impatient.
I would say go with the 84. You can get the hotairs close to the performance range of the 86-87s if you intercool them. I have the kit you speak of, but they are no longer in production...they were about $1100 to mod everything...than the cost of parts...wich was prolly around $ can however take an 86/87 intake manifold, plenum, throttle body, and intercooler and mod them yourself to work.
The ttop one with the trashed interior probably leaks real bad hence the trashed interior. So the floor boards are probably wasted. I am a little hesitant about that one for 4500. If it is the one on this board with the nice pics. Sounds fishy why someone wont spend a hundred bucks to put a fuel pump in to get it running right. Then part out such a nice (picture) looking car if it does not sell. Dont really know what to tell you besides going to look at both and sit down and figure out what each one needs and how much to fix them. Then decide which is the better deal. As far as hot air and i/c car diff. in performance. I have made mine faster than a stock i/c car for less money than to buy a stock i/c car, but the resale value wont be as good.
yes the one for 4500 is the one on this board. the one for 1200 is on ebay with many pics. the guy says it has like 68,000 on it but it looks like to me it's more like 168 with a paint job at some time, on top of that it doesn't run due to a "bad coil pack" and hasn't run for 8 years and no one has titled it since it was in florida with the original owner. i don't mind gettin something that needs some work i just don't want to have a load of money in it after making it right and then not even having it modded yet. if it comes to that i just as well get an 87 if i gotta rebuild junk for what i will have for money-5,000.
I bought my 84 for 1,000.Had a chopped engine harness and a chevy 350 in it.I already had a 84 for a parts car.(my brother totaled my first one).Even with all that I still put another 4,000 into it.My recomendation is to buy the CLEANEST rust free one,'cause if you don't you will be like me,have a TON of money into a car that is just not nice.I have since seen cars for 5,000 that are way nicer to start.