help me place a value on my car:


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May 12, 2004
mulling the possibility of selling my car, and would like to get a ballpark estimate on what to ask for it.

84 T Type
72,000 miles
non original engine- parts store reman that was installed in the early 90's some time.. no "proper" turbo parts in it, but it's a strong runner that has survived 20 pounds of boost in the time i've had it..
stock trans is in pieces in bags and boxes in the trunk- blew out rear sprag at track back in '05 and i've never bothered to fix it. has a junkyard trans out of a 307 powered Oldsmobile of some sort..
body is solid- the only rust is the lower rear corners of the doors. bumper fillers are disintegrating, and paint is faded and flaking off horizontal surfaces (hood, roof, trunk lid).
it is a low option car- i think the only options is has on top of the basic T Type package is the G80 posi (nice and tight) and the rear defog (doesn't work).
interior is dark blue cloth with 60/40 bench, column shift, and non tilt column. it has manual windows, seats, and locks.
someone put Auto Meter mechanical gauges in the panel above the glove box- oil pressure, water temp, and vac/boost gauges work, electric trans temp doesn't.
Flowmaster stock location muffler, gutted cat converter.
upgraded to 87 ECM and Turbo Tweak chip. new Carter HP fuel pump with Racetronix hotwire kit.
electric fan controlled by ecm, bigger Cutlass 3 core radiator..
it has Rancho shocks in it, and the ride is firm but not harsh.. no squeeks or rattles since i added the front frame braces from a Monte SS... the trunk has all the factory trim pieces in pretty good shape..

i know that looks like a lot of "wrong", but it's a good car that just needs a few basic things fixed to make a good toy/driver..

low book value on the NADA website is something like $4400.. i'm thinking of asking $4k and settling at $3500.. one of my cousins has been bugging me from time to time to sell it to him, and i think i'm gonna tell him to get me some cash (no payments- when it's gone i want it gone) and it's his..
The sad part is it's worth more in parts than it is as a whole Derrik. I'd stick with the 4K mark and not a penny less.;)
to be honest, i've only got about $3k into the car and i've had it for 9 years, so i'd actually be making money even at $3500..
it's a good car that only needs a little work to be a great car, but to be perfectly honest i'm more into my POS 86 Camaro at this point..