help [ pan is off i see nothing


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I droped the pan and dont see any thing that looks broke. I checked the pan and nothing in the bottom and the filter looks good , the fuild loks red and smell fine.

Is there any thing else i can check now that the pan is off or any thing to look for.

thanks guys
drop the govnor its at the back were the second hump is in the pan just be easy as there is a gasket try not to rip it..

check the gear on it and look for any springs to fall out.
I pulled it it looks good to, i think i just killed the tranny or some thing.
The gov looks great gears are good and the one little spring is still there and the bearing and the little washer to. Now what should i check . It does shift slow and first you gotta rev kinda high to get it to shift when cold. But when hot you got to rev high then let off the gas to get it to shift. Wot nothing.

Any thing else i can look at.
How's the fit of the teflon-ring end of the governor shaft in the governor cover? It needs to seal real well.

Next thing I would check would be the valve body gaskets. The governor feed circuit depends on good gaskets with no tears, punctures or misalignments.

Then, while the valve body is down, check the passages for debris and make sure that all the valves are free.

Good Luck!
When i pull the valve body will there be any bearings or springs falling out on me . I'll check the gov again to make sure it's a good fit. There is another round cover next to the gov cover i was told this is the 1-2 springs or some thing should i open this or no.

Thanks alot for the help i really need it.