Help picking Laptop for XFI???

Can anyone recommed a simple basic laptop that wont break the bank to read my XFI? Just mainly want it for the car and simple internet browsing. Just not sure what program it needs to have or which to buy?
XP is no longer supported, so Win 10 is the next logical stop.
I stepped up and bought a 15" ASUS, with matte screen. Using a glossy screen in daylight, is a total PITA.
The larger screen is great. The extended batt life is good
Or, you could get a tablet, and do what you need to do. Probably, for less $$.
I tried a Chewi tablet. Was a PITA to use, and after the 3-4th batt charge, it took a dump, and ended up in the trash. {Chinese junk!}
Be careful what you get, with the Chinese crap.
A trip to your local computer repair guy, could provide some good input. He may well have some used, refurbs, and will know the good/bad/ ugly, of most all brands.
I went through two used HP Window XP one new Asus Window 8 all three where POC .
For the last year I have had a Toughbook 51 Window 7 I got on EBay for $300 with just 150 hours on it.
It has never crashed,it’s heavy but I don’t care.
Somewhere between the Asus cheapery and the Toughbook overkill are Lenovo Thinkpads. They're well built with metal hinges, and Microsoft always supports all the hardware inside them as part of the base Windows distribution, so no hunting for drivers.

And, most businesses cycle their laptops out every three years and liquidate the old ones. But a three year old Thinkpad is still a perfectly good machine.

I got a T570 (older Core i5 model) for $175 on Ebay to use with my ECUGN, and it turned out to be such a fantastic little machine I use it for all kinds of stuff now. It's powerful enough I can use it to edit my track videos on-site at the track or in the hotel room.
I just bought one on ebay from a refurb company. basic 1 year warranty. Dell with xp and the 9 pin port for $130.
Been using a windows surface since late summer last year. Using it on BS3, XFI and classic (was tuning a car today actually) only thing I had to do was get another USB to serial adapter as the one form FAST wouldnt work with windows 10. Picked on up at Best Buy for 10ish bucks and worked perfect