Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!


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OK..My 87 TR has been getting this rpm surge so i unplugged the TCC Solenoid,and no change,So i put on a new maf new coil change.I checked the ignition mudule and it looks new no melting or cracking.One day i got in to drive it and i got a code 41.I changed the ecm for one i had in my garage..same thing.I unhooked my battery afterwards.I put it back and now i want to pull the plug on the cam sensor while its running to check that.Now after pulling the battery for some reason it wont code.Now it ran great yesterday.Does a cam sensor just go bad or what.How about the ecm.Now its running great..well for 30 minutes at least.I dont want to drive it till it codes cause i dont want to get stuck somewhere.Any ideas?