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Friday I bent a pushrod and it has been nothing but trouble since. I replaced the push rod which was on the #1cylinder exhaust side. The spark plug was fuel soaked badly so it was replaced. It is still running rough. I'am still getting a fuel soaked plug on the #1. Cam Position is set, I have spark on #1 but it jumps around on the electrod not a nice constant spark like #3.
While running I unplug the MAF and it still runs the same. I'am getting no check engine light till MAF is unplugged. Usually when the MAF is unplugged while running under smooth operating conditions it stalls out. I tried tapping on it but that didn't do much. What I don't understand is the fuel soaked plug on #1 all the other plugs look good. I have a brand new module I'am going to try but for some reason I'am thinking MAF. What do you guys think. Thanks

What caused the bent pushrod? Interference?

Broken timing chain? or about to break? Loose a tooth or two?

Valves hit piston?

Thinking worse case....
I didn't do a compression check. I will tommrrow. As for the bent push rod your guess is as good as mine. I just started talking with some of the guys at work and we are sort of leaning towards a bent valve. I will have to do more investagating tommrrow.

Well it ended up being a bent exhaust valve. So I'am going to pull the head and throw on a new cam,double roller, lifters,and pushrods. Any info to help the process go smoothly will be greatful.

first off figure out why it bent a valve then scratch the double roller off your list and get a stock replacement chain and new tensioner unless you like a noisy motor..:)
I'am glad someone said sopmthing about a double roller because they where out of them. So I will throw on a stocker. Thanks red

i put one in mine and wish i haddent wasted my money... my new motor on the stand in the garage has a stock replacement with a new tensioner..

good luck......c-ya....RED