Help With Buying 3" Downpipe


Want my GN to go 11's one day
Feb 11, 2007
I Have Stock 87 T-type 2.5' Cat Back W/chip 2.5" Test Pipe I Need Suggestions For Buying A 3" Downpipe
Try to find a used terry houston pipe in the for sale section or if you are willing to buy new try ta performance, cottons, rjc, or arizona gn. I think from your other post all you will need is a 3" pipe with internal wastegate. I went with the TA perf pipe, 3" stainless and I love it. I swapped it out for the stock pipe and elbow and the car is a completely different animal now. Good luck.
I went with a SE Turbo one. Great fit, it slid in easier than the stock one. Also great customer service there.
im in the same boat i heard the rjc has a very nice piece too, is this correct?

just want the best bang for the buck and dont want to spend 600$ on a downpipe,
I found a used Mease 3 inch with test pipe and cut out fit was perfect and welds were nice too bad Mease had bad buisness sence he made a good product. The RJC pipe and the TA pipe are great parts from good venders also the SE turbo pipe looks good i would have been in the same boat as you till i came across mine good luck
I just got a 3.5 in dp from TR custom parts. I like it a lot it's a good looking piece with nice bends.;)