help with cam sencer

no not BTDC

you want to be at 25* ATDC (After top dead center) and on the compression stroke or you will be 180 degrees out

disconnect battery, remove #1 spark plug
rotate engine til #1 comes up on compression stroke
you can sometimes use the nut on the alternator to rotate the engine clockwise and you can use your finger , a compression gauge or a valve holder hose with your thumb over the end to feel for pressure building )
once you start building pressure continue rotating till mark on balancer reads zero on timing tab , thats #1 TDC
now rotate the crank clockwise about two inches and mark the balancer 1.45" toward the passenger side of the mark (btw this is the length of a single edge razor blade like found in a box cutter)
rotate that new mark counterclockwise about an inch past the zero mark then going clockwise again align your new mark with zero on the timing indicator (this takes out the chain slack found on stock type chains that use the tensioner) , thats 25* ATDC which is where you want to be