help with door locks and security light


Dec 10, 2003
First the key will not unlock the driver side door. the key turns in the lock but won't do anything. It will however open the pass. side. Plus neither electric door locks work from inside.

Second, the dang security light flashes no matter what. Now I have searched the boards for both subjects and nothing really answered the question. I have a feeling this is all related. We took the driver side door panel off unpluged the power lock and checked it with a test light and its getting power so why won't it unlock the doors?
I am guessing that you are referring to the stock security light in the dash panel. This should be the orange colored security light in the upper left hand corner. If the car has the stock security system, that light will always flash when the doors are open. To activate the stock security system, you must push the power door lock button to lock the doors on the driver's side. When this is done, the light will stay on, showing that the alarm is set. If the doors are opened without the use of the key, the horn will honk.

As far as the other, you might need to replace the door lock switch and possibly the actual door lock so it will work properly with a key.
yes, sorry! i was refering to the factory alarm. what i am saying is that the driver door will not lock at all without just pushing down on the knob. i realize that the alarm gets armed by locking the driver door with the electric door lock, but it doesn't work!
My car has a similar issue, but I have no security light now, and no power door locks for some reason, the buick dealer said to bring it in and they would put it on a Master scan to locate the problem, said it could be a bad alarm module. They told me it would cost $75.00 to scan the car alarm for problems.
It might also be your power lock relay. The relay is located behind the ECM which is located on the passenger side floor behind a kick panel. This is an area that is subject to getting wet causing the relay to fail.
jump it

pull the door lock switch or at least get to the back of it and jumper the leads - if it locks the switch is bad :cool: