Help with electrical problems.........


Oct 19, 2001
This started last fall but I'm just now trying to fix it. One day my headlights, radio, interior lights and door locks just quit working. I had removed the cig plug adaptor from my ScanMaster and hard wired it with connectors around the this same time. I went back today and soldered all of those connections but still the lights, etc. are not working. None of the fuses are blown; I've tried replacing them to no avail. I unplugged the orange wire behind the cig. lighter, nothing. I found the console indicator light plugin was melted and had only one light grey wire in it, cut off the plugin and taped up the wire. Was there another wire going to this plugin, if so what color? I alos pulled out the radio and found an orange wire w/ a brown connector (not hooked to anything) with tape on the connector. Could this be my problem, is it supposed to be hooked up? All my aftermarket cd players wires have no power and both the cig lighter (orange wire) and the other orange wire w/ brown connector have no power. I was checking them with one of those "light up" screw driver looking things. Any ideas as this is driving me crazy. Thanks.
Have you checked for an opened fusible link at starter? There are 3? i think. look for darkened color, then test if still in doubt.

Check fusible link "A" at the starter. Either you blew it, or it fatigued or burned thru. Looking at the diagram , there are other possibilities, but this is the most likely. If it is blown, be careful what you replace it with. ONLY the correct rating link should be used. If it blows again, you have a short to ground in this circuit.