HELP with my Eclipse!!!


The Buick Manual CD Guy
Hey guys. I'm installing a remote starter on my Eclipse. I have the radio out and everything so I can get to the starter relay for a little mod (It's a 5-speed not an auto, that's why).

I see two relays in there. One has 6 wires and one has 4 wires. I'm pretty sure it's the one with four wires.

Can someone please help me out!
Are you sure it's going to start without the clutch engaged? And even if you can bypass this, it doesn't sound too safe, especially if someone accidentally leaves it in gear. Better off buying a little 12v heater for her and pre-heat the interior that way.
Actually it has two ways to keep it from starting.

If the key is not in the ignition this powers the theft relay and diables the starter relay.

If th eclutch is not pushed in, this also disrupts the ignition wire from the column.

I'm using a DPDT relay to disable these when the remote starting unit is triggered.

A simple window/door alarm reed switch will determine if the car is in gear or not and thus ground the the DPDT relay or not.

Trust me, I have htis all planned out. But Chilton's sucks and so does the Manual on CDROM I bought for this car because it mysteriously has these circuit diagrams left out.

Anyone give me a hand please?