Help with selling Pick Up?


Jun 11, 2001
I have decided its time to move on with something different and want to sell my '99 Silverado in the Atlanta area.
Before I go spending money on advertising, can anyone give me some pointers on where to advertise and possible what to say and what not to say in the ad?


Park it in your front yard with a for sale sign in the window. Everyone seems to want a truck; they get snapped up pretty quick at a reasonable price. I'd put my bare minimum price on there, something like "Best offer over $11,500". That way you don't get too many tire kickers.
Thanks. I have tossed around the idea of a sign in the window, but I am not sure how happy my employer would be with it in their parking lot... As for parking it in my yard, yes I am in GA, but I am not sure if thats the ticket, besides I live in a subdivision way in the back in a cul de sac with no traffic.

As for the bare minimum idea, that makes me nervous. I believe there are a quite a few people around that are potential buyers that only look at the asking price, not necessarily the value?