what does the connector going to transmission it just for lock up ......... im trying to troubleshoot a problem with the 1st to 2nd gear shif at wot... if i had a good working transmission and i unpluged that connector would it shift properly from 1st to 2nd at wot....... im trying to figure out if i have an electical problem or
The connector is just for lock-up. It has no bearing on shift points. You can temporarily disconnect it for diagnostic purposes if you wish.

What specific problem are you having?
well......heres whats going on....couple of weeks ago i converted to vac. brakes...that night i took the car out and acouple of hours later i would come to a stop and the lockup would not disengage and the car would die,,it did that a few times... then it started shifting really weird ...sometimes shifted too soon then to late.. and the last problem which i think is the worst... at wide open throttle the car will not shift out of 1st till i let off it....i dont think it had anything to do with the brake convertion????? the next day i did pull the pan off and it was clean... not a trace of anything in the pan....??? im really confused... it just started out of nowhere.. no signs of trouble before this at all
Hmmm. The way I see it, you've got some valves hanging.

If the TCC solenoid itself was sticking, which is very common, then you'd have similar symptoms. However, once the transmission made a coastdown 2-1 shift, it would free up because the TCC solenoid no longer has a fluid signal. If your car is stalling in low gear because the TCC won't let go, it's very likely that the TCC valve itself is sticking in the pump.

As for the inconsistent shift points; that too can be caused by a sticking TV valve train and/or a sticking 1-2 shift valve train.

I'd be inclined to pull the pan again and drop the VB this time. See if valves are sticking and give it a thorough disassembly/cleaning. Also, pull the TCC solenoid and check the valve up in the pump bore.

If you do find that valves are starting to stick, it may be a sign that something else is wrong.