Henry 45-70 Government


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Purchased my first lever action rifle. Always wanted one so I said now the time. Henry 45-70, wood is handsome with steel receiver and a nice brass tube loaded port. Picked up 325 grain Hornady slugs. Rifle packs a punch!
Really happy with it and the recoil is noticeably less than my tactical 12 guage.


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I agree thus far. Always enjoyed the history of the 45-70 cartridge. Very versatile too. Henry did a great job with this gun.
I've got 2 lever guns. A Marlin 45-70 and a Rossi 357 carbine. I load my own and the 45 is just about the same as a 458 winchester. The Rossi eats 38 special and feel like a 22, but the 357 rounds I load pack a serious punch. Both are a lot of fun to shoot and I have no issues with using either for hunting or general shooting.
Ik it Charlie... I was gonna get the 357 so the wife could shoot it too. Always wanted a 45-70. That's next on my list. TY
beautiful piece henrys have always been great guns and shoot very well I love lever actions to I have a marlin 336 3030 that I do all my hunting with and a howa 308 its bolt action though
Love the Henry...beautiful gun. Very well made. They are classic.

I love lever action rifles also.....have a real nice 1949 Winchester Model 94 that shoots straighter than an arrow.

Perfect for scaring away IRS tax collectors. (and my ex-wife)

Bruce '87 Grand National