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Tom Mahi

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May 25, 2001
I need to know if the place you work has any bass blocker capacitors. I need a 47 micro-farad, non-polar (bi-polar?) cap rated at 100V. Need to block the bass on the wimpy 4" front speakers in my friends Supra. How much?

Also, what do you recommend for the rear boxes. The stock speaker size is 5" even. Nobody makes one, so it's either stick another 4" back there or break out the dremel and squeeze the extra 1/4" in. TIA!

47 Micro farad might be too high, you will lose all the mid-bass. I assume its somewhere on the 88 year range? Most of the Toyota's with 4" in the doors have a enclosed plastic ported box, Are you using the stock deck or an aftermarket? If you go that route you can start with a 100-200 microfarad, the lower the number (micro farad) the higher the frequency it will block. I might have some in my garage if you need some, Radio Shack sell those caps for cheap, you can get either the polarize or the non polarize, the polarize usually have the leads on each side of the cap so it makes it easier to install. The polarize one has a pos and a negative leads that some electronic devices require that so in car audio (for bass blocking) it does not matter which one.

And for the rear boxes? The factory stock 5" can normally fit and aftermarket standard 6 1/2" or an oversize 5 1/4".

For the past 13 of installing Car Audio, i'm out of the Car Audio business because of the slow decline in sales and installs for the past years. I'm now in the Car security business. I still do jobs over the weekends.

If you need help Tom you can call me at 754-7342
Tom....I found some in the my Garage this morning, I got two of each, 50, 100 and 200's, you could have. I'll bring it to work at Pearl City Security Alarm Shop.
Once again, Jackson is "Da Man"!

I'll swing by the shop before lunch. Thanks again.