Hey Jay!

What about the ads? there back on after my donation. an the donation button isn't working.
What about the ads? there back on after my donation. an the donation button isn't working.

Ill be fixing that sooner than later. I have to go through and remove all the ad codes in the templates so that the software can handle ad management. I cant exempt groups without that working and that takes some time. Theres been some issues on the back end as well that I believe have been resolved after the move so hopefully I can get to it in the next week or two.
Jay is T6P gonna be this fast.?.lol
Asking for a friend.

I honestly dont know if that site will ever come back. The only back,up we have is pretty old and it would be a huge money loser with the hoster we have now. Maybe Id do it hosted somewhere else for a lot cheaper but this site barely breaks even so its not like theres any spill over money to put towards T6P.

Just to clarify something, I am a systems administrator and have been for years. I manage a lot of systems but theyre all Windows. I can fumble around in linux and do stuff but Im far from comfortable doing it. That was one of the reasons for moving the board this last time. My concern is not being up to date on linux security patching or me trying to patch and breaking something. If I could run this on a Windows system, Id surely give it a go but that has its own set of challenges.
Did i not donate to the I am sick and tired of ads on this site, fund?
I am slammed at work for the next two weeks. After that, I can start getting stuff in order here. About the time we got the site migrated, I had two major projects dropped on me. As soon as I wind them up, Ill have time to work on this stuff.

EDIT - I made a quick change that doesnt involve template editing. Do you see less ads? I cant get rid of them all until I edit the code in the templates and thats very time consuming.
It is a little better but they are all over.

Thanks for the help and totally understand being buried at work.
My plan is to move all the ads into the ad manager instead of template edits and that will let me granularly control them. Im hoping my workload goes down tremendously around the 13th. We go into a lot of change freezes and the projects Im immersed in have to be done by the 20th.