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After 16 yrs putting up with 2-5mbps DSL internet, the Spectrum fiber has just been installed.
Over 300mbps at the house and 300+mbps at the shop over a CAT5E line.
The great part is the rip-off from AT&T was $160/mo with their overpriced fone service that was almost as bad as the DSL.
New bill $59.00.
Dumped their overpriced Directv too for another $100/mo savings.
Called ATT to cancel DSL.... What a fustercluk that was!
A lady in the Philippines says it all. :rolleyes:
Now I'm saving enough to buy another set of plugs...
Life is good! :cool:
Nicely done! I have spectrum too, with a nice router and wireless connected to TV I can stream 4k HD 3840x2160 @ 120hz through youtube.
I have had 1gb fiber here for a few years. So much better than the old dsl lines. The funny part is it is AT&T giving the good deal here vs spectrum.