Hey...underhood braces/mounting


Got a set of these, just curious...where & how are you guys mounting them to the fender? The set lines up with numerous holes on the core support but with none in the fender. What are you using to mount to the fender with?

Just did a set

I just put mine on about a month ago, guess what? You get to drill !! Yep, the holes in the core support are already there but the ones on the fender well are between you and Craftsman. Sorry, can't remember what size bit it takes. - BB:p
I bolted mine to a bolt in the fender. I had to cut it down, crimp it in a vice and then drill a new hole. Then I had to crimp the tube because the hood would hit the brace. I know it would have been easier just to drill a hole in the fender, but I didn't want to do that.
Where are you guys finding suitable factory holes in the fenders? There ain't any...

I followed the instructions, drilled 2 holes, and the things look and fit just as they should. And the hood closes, too. For that matter, it's not even close...
I used one of the bolts that goes along the inside of the fender:23 1/2" from the header panel. If I was doing it again, I would just drill a hole.
Yeah, these are the only holes I've ever drilled in my cars, but I didn't see any way to avoid it. Buick should'a put the damn things in in the 1st place. I'm sure all these body braces help. Probably ought to be the 1st thing we do to our cars...
I drilled the holes according to the directions included from Kirban.

If I can do it - anyone can!

On my website you can see how to mount them.

If you use the bolts on the fender AS IS the hood will not close. Just move the brace down off the fender to the inter fender and drill the holes.

I used bolts, not screws, and it was a bit of a challange to get the nuts on the bolts that high up inside the fender.

Check out the pics

They fit in existing holes/bolts but the hood hits. I'm glad I checked before I slammed the hood closed.

But the inner fender is so thin, I don't see how they would help if you drilled a hole rather than being bolted to where the inner and outer fender meet. Seems the inner fender would just flex.