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Feb 19, 2004
hi, im new to the site. im selling my pontiac gtp and will hopefully pick up a t-type or GN. not looking for a trailer queen but one for daily driving that can be repaired while used. my main goal is streetable drag car but i have a bunch of friends that want me to run autocross too. show the ricers that a big ass american car can whoop them in thier own game. what basic things should i be looking for when i go to look at a car? also what is a good range to spend. im definitly not rich. i am a former gm tech and still do work on the side. not much i cant figure out. what are the best mods for speed, economy, and handling. i used to have a monte carlo ss so i cant imagine the handling being much different.
thanks for any help you can toss up for me
heh, you wanna make a TR handle?

well, i guess you should start off with some good size rims (17-18"), good tires on those, probably a good set of brakes, as i understand, Baer brakes is now making a kit for turbo buicks. put all the braces you can on the car, rear seat braces, front frame braces, under hood braces... new bushings all around... so on

to go fast, thats a lot easier.

all you need to get low 12's/11's is:

scanmaster or some sort of scanning device (tuning)
boost gauge
adjustbale fuel pressure regulater
340 fuel pump + hotwire kit
3" Down pipe
Alcohol injection
big neck on the intercooler
ta-49 or te-44
50 lb/hr injectors & chip

humm, thats the basics... it sounds like a lot, but, its really not that bad, probably under $2500, get the stuff out of the parts for sale section, and you'll get it even less.

if you get a T-type, or a Turbo-T, they tend to be a little lighter, so they might be better for autocross.

for everything and anything that you want to know on these cars go to www.gnttype.org there is even a section on there on making these cars auto cross

here, is a section on how to make the thins autocross