Hi to all new here hope to help out .


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Mar 15, 2009
For the past 5 yrs I have lived on the Team Chevelle forum .. and have been to a number of G.M. forums
Camaro Pontiac and Buick .. but they were more associated with the older gen stuff 60 to 70 years
so now im working on a g-body ride and oh my .. many forums on these years also ... how do I keep up .. lol
My occupation is cooling systems for muscle cars .. so I hope I can be of some help here .. I did not find a heating and cooling section here on the forum ..so I guess it just falls under the category on performance .

anyway .. I have been looking on e/bay and a few other places ...and find its hard to find radiators for the
turbo type Buick regal .. so I think its time to build one to make it easier on the guys looking for this unit .

from what I have seen at some of the car shows the original rad had engine oil coolers and trans coolers in the same tank passenger side ... this is considered the cool side of the rad .. better for cooling engine oil .

I would like to hear from guys on different applications and years sizes of the fittings for the oil cooler lines , so I can get started .

hope I can be of some service.
Alumitech Reproductions
most use an F-body and either delete the oil cooler or run external

so if that gives ya any ideas for a custom fab option

Welcome to the show