High Octane?


Joe 1320

I know I can pick up the good stuff in Melbourne and Ft. Lauderdale, but is there any to be had in the Palm Beach area?
If I'm not mistaken, there is some on Pike Road between Okeechobee and Belvedere. Pike is just west of the Turnpike. Not 100%, but I'm pretty sure. Hope this helps.

Yea....Skees Road just over the turnpike on Belvedere Road.
Trun right and I'd guess about a quarter mile from Okeechobee Road on the right.

There is a couple of places there but you'll find the right one....don't go late afternoon one of the places is a truck stop and the run on fuel for the big boys can cause a traffic problem..;)

Thanks guys! Perhaps we'll run into each other at hot Rod nites. :cool:
I'll get up there one of these nights...my son won't let me drive the GN...and my truck is down for cleaning...well, I guess walking ain't crowded....:(

Hey Joe, great time Saturday despite the rain. There is also a gas station on the corner of Australian and 45th Street I believe that sells 110 Octane and I believe you can pump it yourself. I maybe wrong on this but it is what I've been told. I have not been there personally yet, but i hope to get out there soon. Well take care. HTH.
Hey Joe!
The place on Skee's Rd. is Consolidated Oil- they sell 104, 110,112, & 116 in 5 Gal. cans or bring your own container. The place next door (use to be called Speciality Gas) changed hands and of recent sells no race gas. You can also get 104 Unleaded, 110 & 112 at Moroso.