High Quality Low Mileage 1986 T-Type Roller Or Part Out


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High Quality Low Mileage 1986 T-Type Roller Or Part Out

OK. We’ll try this again...

As most know, this car has been “sold” more than once. It’s still in my garage. I’ll either sell it as you see it (and complete with everything I have for it): $16,500 OBO or with various components removed (obviously, the price drops if you don’t need some pieces such as the Chevy rad or Chevy ignition board).

I’ll also part it out. But following a bunch of turmoil which I really don’t wish to rehash, along with follow-up conversations with a number of well-respected folks on this board, the consensus is that I should only part it out if the body sells first or if I have a significant amount of parts spoken for. Essentially these folks suggest I take your name and place you on a list for various pieces. Once the body leaves, or if a large bunch of components are spoken for, I’ll “officially” sell things. I think that’s a good compromise.

Here are some pix of the car:











The full build of the car can be found here:


If you don't see sufficient photos in the build, please contact me and I'll send you more images.

While the car can be purchased in any form, here’s how I’ll split it up (all parts are new, aside from the body, which is 18,750 mile perfect). At the moment, I won’t split up the pieces any further (for example strip parts other than what is listed from the body). Everything, aside from the basic body shell is New. And Please Note: All Prices In Canadian Dollars:

• Basic Body: 18,750 original miles. Includes Borgeson manual steering conversion, aluminum heater delete, pro-notched and braced rear frame rails, etc. (there’s $1500 in quality chassis work alone). Extremely nice and well-done body. Original factory lacquer and perfect burgundy interior. Gorgeous body and frame. You have to figure out how roll it out of the shop! Please Note: As I mentioned above, I will not split up the body any more than what is listed. Thanks. $7500 obo.

• MPR back braced, slightly narrowed 9-inch housing with big bearing housing ends, filler-inspection cap, drain plug (bolt-in): $1500

• Mark Williams aluminum Pro Street 9-inch center section with billet 35-spline Detroit Locker, 3.89:1 street gear set, billet 1350 yoke: $2500

• Mark Williams 35-spline Pro Street axles, drilled for 5/8-inch drive studs & conventional ½-inch studs, includes 5/8-inch M-W drive studs: $500

• TRZ double adjustable upper trailing arms, TRZ spherical upper bearings (@ housing), TRZ adjustable lower trailing arms (delrin/rod end combination). All conventional bearings replaced with top of the line ($$$) Aurora models: $500

• TRZ anti-roll bar. Bearing replaced with top of the line ($$$) Aurora models: $200

• Strange Engineering aluminum body shock absorbers. Single adjustable fronts, double adjustable rears: $600

• AutoFab Race Cars front a-arms. Rod end models. All rod ends replaced with top of the line Aurora models. Aluminum cross shafts replaced with custom billet steel models. Everything re-powder coated black. $750

• Billet Specialties/M&H Racemaster wheels & tires: 15X3.5-inch Street Lite fronts; 15X10-inch Street Lite rears (4.50-inch backspace); P185/75R15 M&H front radials (DOT); P325/50R15 M&H drag radials (DOT): $1400

• Complete GNX-style cluster with Revolution Gauges. Tach, Speedometer, Oil PSI, Water Temp, Transmission Temp, Voltmeter, Fuel Level, Fuel PSI. Includes panel, all senders & wiring harness assemblies: $1500

• Precision Performance Shifter. Reverse manual Turbo 400: $250

• Ignition System. MSD Digital 6, MSD Blaster HVC coil, custom board, wired with Weatherpack connectors: $500

• Fuel System: Complete. Tank with internal plumbing, #10 pickup, #8 return line, MagnaFuel 625 inline pump, dual Magnafuel filters (pre and after), #8 pressure line to front of car, Magnafuel carburetor regulator. All fittings and hoses are Aeroquip: $1500

• Ron Davis Racing Radiator. Custom rad (largest that can fit in a G-Body rad cradle with dual electric fans and custom billet shroud). $850

Everything is located on the west coast of Canada (Vancouver Island). Freight is not included in the above (L-O-L).

Please e-mail me for more info (it works better for me than PM’s).

My e-mail address is: wscraba@telus.net

If you wish to do business the old fashioned way, e-mail me and we’ll get "hooked up”!

Thanks TurboBuick. You folks are the Best!

Wayne Scraba (‘Beard)
Sale Pending

Sale Pending of the complete car to a very, very good home....and to a fellow Canuck!

Wayne ('Beard)
wow..16k for a roller ttype?:confused:

Obviously you didn't read the add or look at all the work thats been done to the car :rolleyes: Nice exterior and interior !! Then try an add up the parts.. never mind the labor involved. Hmmm This was an original 18k car "Graybeard" bought from Florida !! Was it one of yours :p
....You seem to be quite the wheeler dealer with the "gem's" you were tryin to unload down there. Guess this site wasn't "easy picking" for ya to move some cars/parts for ya. You should have bought just this roller an unloaded the "NEW" engine ya had for sale :p