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What's involved in a cheapy home built hotwire sys.? Are you just running a bigger gauge to the relay, and the pump or what?
I used about 20 feet of 8 gauge power wire from the stereo shop where I install (it was free this way, hee hee). I connected one end to the terminal on the back of the alternator for my main power supply. Run the other end of this wire to terminal #30 of a Bosch style relay (4 or 5 terminal). Be sure to put a fuse holder with a 30 amp fuse inline within about 6 inches of the alternator connection, to keep from burning the car down if something goes wrong. I mounted the relay on the DS fender well. From terminal #87, run the rest of the power wire back to the rear of the vehicle and connect it to one of the wires in the 3-wire connector for the fuel pump. It's been so long, I can't remember which wire, but maybe one of the other guys can tell you. When you find the right wire, cut it and connect the new power wire to the end going up and into the fuel tank. I just used a crimped butt connector, and insulated it with electrical tape. Be sure to use wire loom to wrap the wire all the way back, to add some protection. Terminal #85 of the relay goes to a ground (anywhere under the hood is fine), and only needs to be 16 gauge wire or so. Terminal #86 goes to an extra wire near the DS of the engine. I can't remember what color this wire is, either. There will be two, one is for the fuel pump and the other is for a tach, I think. Maybe someone else can help here, too. When I did this upgrade, I got an extra 2 or 3 volts to my fuel pump, and the result was noticeable, especially if you upgrade the pump at the same time! If no one else can help with the colors, I will look on my car tomorrow and let you know.
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I did exactly what Jared did with a slightly smaler wire... 10 or 12 gauge will work sufficiently...


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Yeah, 10 or 12 gauge will work plenty well. I just happened to have access to 8 gauge for a great price (oops), and I am notorious for OVERKILL!:D
I installed an additional GM fuel pump relay, so I could use a GM connector on the relay. I then used a spark plug wire loom bracket and attached the relay to the modified bracket. I then Jb welded the relay and bracket to the cooling fan relay and ran the new wires. This setup looks as if there are no modifications under the hood. I also created a kill switch out of one of the wires going to a shunt key switch.