Hood mounted guage

Hey im new here ive got a 87 gn and I have seen a few pics of cars that had there fuel pressure guage mounted on there hood. I bought the guage and mounting cup but I was wondering if anybody on here had theres mounted on there hood or new how to mount it on the hood, thanks for the info and great site.
You will need a piece of metal that wraps around the edge of the hood. As in the piece will screw in to the bottom of the hood then wrap around the edge of the hood and then the cup will screw into piece that'd be outside.

Do a search of hood mounted fp gauges, you'll see what i'm talking about.

I have a Kenne Bell fp mounted gauge, and it came with everything you need. All i had to do is hook it up and drill the holes. It has a light and everything in it. All it lacks is some what the size of the gauge, its to a point hard to read, if you're really trying to determine EXSACTLLY what the fp is, and it doesnt have a mark for every single pound, it goes by 5. But it works perfect for me!

Thanks, I figured I was going to have to make a bracket that bolted to the underside of the hood and come around the back and hold the gauge up. Ill keep searching and see what I come up with, I appreciate the help.