Horrible surging when cold.....


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Jul 5, 2003
When warm, the car starts and runs fine. When cold, however, the car will first have an extremely high idle and sometimes surge from almost 0 rpm to 2000 rpm, and it will do thayt for a few minutes. My iac and tps numbers are fine, and the iac motor was just cleaned, any other things i should look into. i also dont think its the MAF but i could be wrong.
mine started doing this a while ago.. when it is completely cold, it revs up and down and runs very rich (smells noxious) for a minute or two. i have been trying to get the basic tuning down and have been replacing some items and changed out the PCV with a new Delco unit and that seems to help a lot. it mostly took care of the off-idle stumble and seemed to help the cold start surging as well. but it still does it for like 10 or 15 seconds before settling on one RPM. :rolleyes: any ideas what might be the root cause of this??
With my car, all that went away when I got a chip from Eric Marshall.
That, and many hours getting the BLMs to behave like they should.
mine never did it until i converted it to a lt1 maf with a translator. now it idles all over the place and i have to foot brake it a little bit when i put it into gear or it will die