Hot Air Downpipe

Does anyone have a performance downpipe for a hot air? Let me know price and what shape its in. Thanks
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Just ordered my mandrel bent tubing gonna weld one up soon ill post picks when complete all depends on how hot it is in my garage.
Im sure having newer motor mounts and body mounts help with fitting the gbody parts downpipe.
motor mounts in before putting down pipe in.
Made sure engine and Trans were in straight with frame.
I moved body on the frame of car ,as instructed, by Brain at G body.
Made no difference.
Build your own or have a qualified fab shop do it and save time ,money,and aggravation!
I wish I could just but the elbow part the bolt to the turbo outlet, I would be good then. I could get the rest fabed up. Anybody got one they would sale?
They are hard to find , I put my used GH Downpipe here for 550 and it didn't sell in a month !! Sold on Ebay in one day ! lol