hot air exhaust


trade me an intercooled
i am wondering what the best most inexpensive catback exhaust for my 1984 buick t-type... let me kno what you guys think thanks
My advice- Keep your money in your wallet. Stay stock. The only performance increase is to replace the entire system at one time. This involves an integrated downpipe, Poston passenger header, test pipe and a 2 1/2 Hooker exhaust system. You are looking at about $2000. Take-care- Brad
and the other thing is the cat has holes in it and there is some holes in the pipes before the mufflers...

In your case I would recommend the Hooker 2 1/2 exhaust Postons sells. You get a test pipe with it. There is some minor adjustment from the 84/85 threebolt to the 86/87 four bolt at the CAT. Any exhaust shop can fix this. Brad
Go to the general section and do a search for pypes. They're stainless and cheap for stainless. Seems like a good system for the money and everyone using them seems to be happy. I'll be getting them myself once I get the car put back together.
since it's all junk nayways, see if you can find a local shop to bend you up a 2.5" or 3" single pipe. if you don't have emissions testing and if you can find a shop that will do it you can have it made with no cat converter.
yea cuz on one of my gn i have a single 3" pipe dumping right out in front of the tire sound good and performes good but with this vehicle i just want to go quite and smooth and clean... thanks tho now i have some ideas what i am going to do..