Hot computer

Silver 'T' Top

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May 15, 2005
Anybody else ever have a computer get too hot, as in , actually almost to actually touch? My bucket o' bolts today actually shut down and when me and the local dr. got into it, pretty much determined the computer was getting hot for what ever reason. Car acted like someone was turning the key off and on very quickly. After about 30 minutes it started up and ran fine but the computer was getting very warm to the touch (left it on floor) even taking into account our weather here.:confused:
When the car is running the computer will get a little warm. It shouldn't be to hot to touch it though. Maybe yours is on its way out. I had a similar problem with my GN a couple years back. I couldn't figure it out. A mechanic buddy of mine told me when the car is running tap on the computer and see if anything changes. Well my car almost died when I did that. So I went to the local salvage yard and found a replacement.

Also make sure the grounds on the back of the pass. side cylinder head are tight too. If you have a loose ground connection the car can act very weird.