Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 Anyone going?

Bring the TTA Rob. It will make more of an impact to the power tour.:)
They have become garage queens, both are spotless underneath..too much time put into getting them that way...both will be gone when the market comes back so I can get something new I can drive and mod :)

Besides, it will be more awesome to over-run the tour with Turbo Buicks!!
Sounds good David - that should work. I am driving up to Plano on the 4th to meet with my buddy John. We were planning on getting out on the 5th too so we can probably hook up and caravan out. I think our hotel that night is out in Joplin.

I'm staying in Grove which is about 18 miles southeast of Miami. Planning on taking 75 N so I guess I'll meet you guys in Plano. I am in Garland. What time are you guys meeting up?
Looks like I am in for sure. Can't wait to meet all of you that are going.
Planning to meet up with some buddies in Arlington to cruise to OK with - maybe we can all sync up (they are bringing their Lincolns)

What would make it easier would be to put your TB screen name on your back window, so if we meet on the road we'll know who it is.
What would make it easier would be to put your TB screen name on your back window, so if we meet on the road we'll know who it is.
Hey Dave, I thought that is what personalized license plates were for :D
Yeah I know It's easy on my car but not all have perrsonal plates. Scott, havken't we met?
You sound familiar. :) And what John in Plano? I know a TR owner in Plano named John.

And BTW I am a huge fan of the white 86. That is my nx choice of TR ownership.

:) - My buddy John isn't a Buick feller but a Lincoln and Chevy Truck guy. He is bring is 90 Mark VII LSC SE on the tour. I have known him for years. I usually send him out to check out parts for me in that area when I can't get up that ways. I am sure we will all get along pretty well. Looking forward to meeting you in person.
I'm meeting in Miami, Ok then to Stillwater, ok and to finish in Arlington! If I don't finish my GN in time then I will be driving the '00 SLP Firehawk T/A and look forward to meeting everyone!
I live in Champaign, IL if anybody needs a tour guide when you get here. There is entertainment planned downtown (music and things) so it should be a good time. As the date gets closer email me your cell phone #'s so we can all get together. Also, I have to trim my Buick cars/diecast collection. I have a ton of GMP cars, donk cars, etc. so if anyone needs one let me know and I'll give you a price. I have TTA diecast cars too including ultra rare green one made by Greenlight. I even have plastic display cases. As for real cars, I have an 86 GN with T-tops with only 26k miles. Asking $20k OBO. All original including the chip and paint. New tires. Has won many trophies, never raced. Also have an 87 dark red TR with 200k miles. Original transmission so that shows it has not been abused. Needs paint on top surfaces but only asking $5500. Motor was rebuilt with JE pistons. Has a Keith Meese downpipe and Cotton stretch intercooler. Stock injectors and turbo. Has been Ziebarted. I am only the second owner of both cars.
Me and my Dad should be easy to spot, only Ontario Canada plates!!!! one white t-type and a silver and black two-tone GN. Can't wait till june
I wil be doing the long haul again this year... I really really really want to get a LARGE line up of GNs/TTs leaving one of the morning meetings.... think it would be a great photo op for Hot Rod. I know a few photographers ;)

If we can organize just ONE morning... maybe the Stillwater stop.... So JUNE 8th... EVERYONE attent the Morning meeting ??? It will be at the Kicker Corporate Complex... and EARLY AM. If we can all roll together... driving the planned route.... all the way to Arlington, it would be AMAZING ! ! And more likely for photos =) but I know thats hard to do with everyone driving diff speeds and stops to make
You aren't kiddin' about that, how often do GN's get menitioned: