hotchkis 1 " lowering springs rear only


I have a pair of hotchkis lowering springs that i had on the car for a couple years , car was only used for drag racing 4-5 track visits a year and maybe a total of 200 street miles. I put the stock springs back in a few years ago. I have had these sitting in the garage in plastic bags. 110shipped.
hello; I'm kinda interested in them springs. Did you buy them new? They don't look like the ones on there site.
yes i bought them from a friend that bought the entire g body package about 10 years ago. I put them on my car about 6 years ago and took them off 3 years ago. They handled great but i was drag racing with them and my 60 fts werent what I liked so i put the soft stock springs back in and my 60 fts improved.
hello; I didn't buy these springs and I don't know if there still for sale. If they are sold I have some p/n hotchkis 1993003 as written on them. Do some research and let me know. I got them from a member here but there not what I wanted.
hello; I'd call Hotchkis give them the # and see what they say. There 1" drop. But call them and let me know what they say.