Hotchkis suspension

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Sep 22, 2003
I just put on a Hotchkis total vehicle system, tubular upper a arms and f body spindles. My car also has 17X8 wheels. The car sits WAY lower, can barely fit a hand between the tire and the fender. I am having some serious rubbing issues. My question is, has anyone trimmed their inner fenders? I cant drive my car untill the tires dont rub, they are working a groove into the sidewall.

Any pics? I'm putting B-body spindles in that move the tires out 1/4" and I may be experiencing the same issues after I lower it some more.

They will have to wait until this weekend. I am back at college ~ 1 hour away from my BUCK. This week is finals, so I will get a pic posted as soon as i figure out my dads digital camera.

Trimming inner fenders

I trimmed about a 3" by 11" strip out of my front ones, just on the inside of the lip and parallel to the driveline. The rubbing went away. It got even better when I switched to the B-body spindle and 1LE 12" brakes, because the spindle changes the geometry and wheel spacing a bit.

With that small a trim, water doesn't come into the engine compartment - it only goes into the inside of the fender. Since I live in NorCal, that doesn't matter, but if I lived in a salty state and/or drove a lot in the snow or winter or rain, I might not recommend it because of possible rust issues inside the fender.

BTW, I am running 16X8" wheels, with a 245/45/16 front and a 245/50/16 rear with no more rubbing issues. As soon as my new rears show up, I will be running 245/40/17 front on a 17X8 wheel, and 275/40/17 rear on a 17/9.5" wheel. They measure in correctly, but I am dying to see!