- My 6.0L Regal build


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Dec 16, 2005
Hi everybody,
Would like to send a thanks out to all the G-body folks that have helped me out in my build thus far. This website has been a wealth of information for restoring the Buick.
I hope my blog helps the LSX conversion guys out. If you see anything that you questions about, please feel free to ask.
Fuel System pics with part #'S are up... I waited until these were published before I posted them...

Also, check out the soon to be released book Gm G-body Performance Projects book by Joe Hinds at Bulldawg Muscle Cars. It is on sale at now!
I re-engineered the brake/suspension package recently, the pics are up on my website. All you autocross guys may find it interesting!

I gotta say Marc Savitske knows his craft...check out (his website) while you are at it. The solution is a bit pricey, but making a G-body with near zero bumpsteer is an interesting concept.

Enjoy G-body fans!

Wow! Good build so far! I was digging the spray can paint job. The firewall looks very nice. Those Rotors/calipers are massive!!!!
Thx David and Kin! I hope it helps...
The latest post is something I think A LOT of BUICK guys are going to LOVE (or hate)
Custom built - Inner Fender Modifications for the front inner fenders... Its up and posted... Enjoy!!!

Thank you, Its just stuff I am learning as I go through it...

Been awhile since I posted any progress... but got some new info up... Custom Power Steering hoses and remote reservoir install.

It may not be for everyone, dont worry, its just an old regal.. not a GN

see ya!
been busy... built some LS engine steam vent lines... pretty cool plug and play kit from C&R racing...
Non LS radiator used, No hole in water pump. no drilling no mess... and i even put down part #'s for ya!!! is where I have my photos...


I added another billet specialties part - radiator overflow tank. $$$ I had to have this just simply because it looked cool.
check out the link. ... flow-tank/

More fun stuff, I have recently modified the truck coil brackets and had them powder coated (little over the top - but cheaper than buying aftermarket ones). That one is up also, used a local guy "Gateway Powder Coating" that did great work. always good to know of good service providers!

I am really excited about a trip I have planned very soon! -Mast Motorsports- Going for a tour of their facility in Nacogdoches, TX where I get to help a friend build a top end on an LSX 440!!! dont worry I will take plenty of photos!
Hi Larry33kc,
I am currently on the St. Louis side, but all my family is on the KC side so I am over there often. In fact, I will most likely drive the car over there when its completed to show the fam. and attend a show or cruise night. I intend to drive it as much as possible when I am done putting it together, so an I-70 round trip will be no problem.
We'll make a shout out when your heading this way with some free time. Wouldn't mind seeing the beast.