How big on stock rim?


I currently have 235/60/15’s on stock rims. Can I get a wider radial tire for the rear without spacers or rub on the stock rims? What size will fit?

I have 255-60-15 on stock size rims, they fit and look good, they are 1" taller then the stock tire. Alot of guys run the 275-50-15's or the 275-60-15's they may rub the frame on some cars cornering.
Thanks for the replies. I just did a search and seems like a fairly common question. I found what I’m looking for. I’m curious how much does the 1” taller tire throw off the speedometer?

Thanks again.
The 1" taller tire throws the speedometer off roughly about 4 mph. If my speedomter reads 45mph, I am really doing about 49-50 mph.