How can I tell if trans is the original?

jasons kwik 6

New Member
Oct 28, 2001
Im looking to buy a TTA.I know that on the buicks,they have a plate with some letters,I believe.What and where can I looking on TTA to verify this?Is it the same place as on a turbo regal?Any help is appreciated.thanks
Yes, the tag is in the same place as in the TR. At the end of the tranny, if it is the correct unit it will read T AF. Also, if you believe the tranny was rebuilt make sure it has the correct converter. By taking off the plastic shield(only a few screws) and checking the stamping. If it reads "5" or "D5" all the way around then you're good too go. Also, another way to tell is to powerbrake the car and if you can't get it past 1800-2000rpm while powerbraking then it is the wrong one as well. This method isn't as surefire as just checking the stamping but if you know if the car has a stutter chip or not this should be enough to tell you.
Thanks for the reply.That was just the answer I was looking for!Is there anything else that is common to check when buying a use one?