How dependable is the stock ignition module


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May 28, 2001
The car stumbles at idle, its a problem that was getting worse. I replaced the coil pack from a 87 and it seem to be worse, I will have to measure the coil pack if its bad first. But will the 86-87 coil pack/ignition combo fit on a hot air? Also will the light brown sticky stuff that on the terminals make it idle weird? Also I got new plugs and the wires is about a year old.
I'm still running the stock coilpack/module from 1984. I have to close the plug gaps down a to .030 to run high boost. The 87 module will fit with the wiring harness adaptor made by caspers and some others. Do you have a scantool to see what is going on? Might try a different chip if you have any extras.
I'm going to switch out the rapid fires and replce it with 43's gapped at .35. Mabe I should take out the Kenne-bell chip and put the stocker back. I don't have a scan-tool right now a friend is borrowing it. The car use to run fine until its warmed up, but now after changing the coil pack its running weird also it had been raining the past few weeks, the car is lowered about two inches so the water get into the enging compartment alot.
Get rid of the rapidfires. Me and a friend tried them and both of us got horrible detonation at WOT. I'm sure they're not the cause of your idle problem though.

Might want to check the usual like TPS, MAF, and vacuum leaks.