How do I check FP?


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Dec 5, 2001
OK, so exactly how do I check fuel pressure? I unplug the vacuum line to the fp regulator, then what? screw a gauge onto the fitting at the front of the fuel rail?

thank you.
U got it , put your gauge on the fuel rail and start the car , let it idle. When you pull the vac line off the fuel gauge will rise. This is how you check it , i leave mine at about 38-40psi. Then just put it back on, when you do it will go to around 30-32 probley .
Cool, got it.

Another question if someone knows-

The car ran fine, now it idles rough and back fires like it's running lean. It won't take any throttle and cannot be driven.

I have no scan tool. By the way, how much are they and what is a good one?

Thanks again,

Check your fuel press and let us know what it is set at . And we can go from there .

As far as the scan tool go's i don't have one ether but need one . I know you could get one for 200.00 used maybe better.
unplug your maf and start it up and see if it runs better..

it wont be perfect but if it gets better you'll know it took a poop and fell in..:)
hey warren,are you the one who's here in eugene?

if so,i'll e-mail you my phone # and we can put my turbo link on your car and see if we can figure out what's up.

i can also arrange a fuel pressure gauge:).