How do I fix my power locks?


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May 24, 2001
Upon pressing the switch, both locks 'thunk' and move in the correct direction. They just don't go far enough. They seem like they need to be lubed, but is there something else that needs to be fixed? How far apart do I need to peel the car to get at the parts? What special tools will I need?


You can drop the lower door panel only but you still have to deal with the remote mirror cable (tiny set screw), power lock switch connector (has a speed nut on it) and concert sound speaker wires (barely long enough, pull off speaker terminals with some needlenose while lying on your back under the door). A real door panel tool (basically a forked screwdriver, not that flimsy 22 gauge steel joke-of-a-tool on the HELP! rack) makes things easier. Then just peel the moisture barrier up and tape it up out of the way. I agree with you that a cleaning/lubing is probably the cure. However, my old ElCamino that I converted to power locks needed the driver side actuator replaced; it moved partially also. Replacement requires drilling the rivets out that attach it to the door frame. I reattached it with small nuts/bolts/lockwashers.

I just put my keyless entry stuff in, and I can't really use it because the pasenger door doesn't lock all the way.....

I'll dig into it sometime this winter [:mad: weather]