How do I ID a D5 converter?


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Mar 26, 2002
This may be elementary to others but I am just learning about this 2004r tranny. I have found one out of a 88 Monte SS that I will be looking at tomorrow. It is a code 8CZ so from reading here I know it is one of the preferred ones, though it is not the BR that seems to be the ultimate find. Should this tranny have a D5 in it? If so how do I know if it is one, what should I look for? Are their D5 codes on it or somthing or something else I need to look for?

Also, what is this red stripe, orange stripe, etc. D5 converters. What are they exactly and how are they different?

Look at the stampings between the dimples around the perimeter of the converter. That is where you'll find the 'D5' if it is in fact one.