how do i stop leaks in the A pillars?


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my driver side A pillar is leaking. I notice everytime it rains i see drops of rain all over my paneling inside. so frustrating espec. when ur trying to keep perfect interior...its starting to warp the cardboard backing the meterial is attached to. it gets close to my computer as well....
i looked inside where the windshield meets the A pillar, theres a thick bead of black silicone that adheres the glass to the frame, no signs of dripping or nothing is wet. i sat inside my car while it rained, and i saw it drip once and i couldnt pinppoint the exact spot it came from. figures the one time it rains it doesnt drip that much. I think its coming from where the pressed metal is thats directly behind where the A pillar covers. nothing is coming in from my weatherstripping as well. what can be done to stop the leakage?
yes, it was changed last year. it is a good job, nicely done..i dont see how water can seep past where he applied the silicone, he really applied thick beads of it. i dont see any signs of water seeping in from inside the car where the windshield is pressed against the a pillar. how do i take the black trim off that surrounds the windshield,. i tried taking it off and broke the clip that holds the bottom of it off...i dont wanna keep breakin those clips.
Check fwd edge of drivers side window drip rail near upper corner.Also check under wiper motor cover plate.Try soaping up areas in question, get inside of car w/some sort of blower-wifes,girl friends new hair dryer-And have someone look for bubbles.Sealant at top and base of A pillar becomes too hard and cracks wth age,body flex.
No the rail above drivers side window then along side windshield,Have seen sealant crack at transition area from vertical part of rail to horizontal part of rail.
well i got my windshield checked and resealed. on my passenger side, and it rained today and i saw drioplets on my damn interior door panel im totally baffled! i see the water coming from the A pillar.. the compressed metal area..driipping right thru the cracks...what the heck is going on here...what else could it be dripping from ?? makes no sense.!
no t tops. . the window is flush with the weatherstripping as well...i have a sunroof. its sealed fine no water gets in from the top, i checked.

ill hafta check those roof rails tomorrow when its lighter out.. but regardless. water is getting thru to the A pillar and seeping thru the metal...i mean if the window is properly sealed, i dont see any other passages...i mean it cant have anything to do with weather stripping or the weather stripping tracks b.c it would drip over there...not the A pillar....

ill re post what i find tomorrow, maybe ill hangout with a hose there tomorrow. thanks suicide.
ok god bless snow....since the snow settled on my car and the sun is melting it, it made a perfect way for me to see exactly where the water is coming in from. seems its coming from the inside of the weatherstripping track, and the good thing is i see the water trail dripping down sideways to the metal area then trickling down the a pillar onto my door panel, and its only one area , so this should be an easy fix...ill just slide some weatherstripping caulk along side the whole thing...onm the inside and ill do the outside as well so water wont get in , in the firt place. cool so now my car will finally be leak free. thanks for the help.