How do you change the door speakers!


Boost is good.
I have an 87' Grand National and was just curious on how you remove those little black housings in the sides of the doors (Concert Sound II)??? My stocks blew and I want to replace them. Any ideas???
You gotta pull the lower door panel, the speaker covers are attached from inside the door panel. It takes less than 5 minutes a side.
5 minutes or less with the right size crowbar and sledgehammer and that is blindfolded (just kidding), I dont use a blindfold :D .
i just use the Saw-z-all. This method also gets rid of that annoying metal that prohibits you from adjusting/changing electric window motors and door locks. lol

I must tell you, after adding Brown Bread to my panels (both the metal and the panel itself) the process of putting the panel back on takes MUCH longer (maybe 5-10 pissy minutes) the fact that i have 2 broken clip retainers on my lower driver side panel and one ripped one on the upper doesn't help much either.
So you gotta take off the lower door panels on each side eh. You said to use a crowbar??? I've never taken them things off so...First time for everything I guess:eek:
Just kidding!

I was kidding about the crowbar ;) . Use a door panel popping tool or a long wide screwdriver to pop the door inserts one at a time. Even of you break the inserts, you can go to most auto parts stores and buy a pack to replace the ones that you break.
you can also do it with your hands, but you have a lot less chance of breaking something if you use the tool.