How do you launch with boost?


Jul 18, 2002
OK, I roughed the boost gauge in (no pod to mount in yet so its sitting in my ashtray). Anyway, I'm averaging around 9 lbs boost, but accellerating through 75 mph, it gets up a little past 10 lbs.

The problem is I can't build boost on the line. Once rolling, it shoots up.
"One foot on the brake and one the gas..." :)

Just keep pushing the gas until the vacuum/boost rises. If it stops rising, you may be hitting the torque converter's stall. I launch with 0 to 3 psi of boost. Anymore and I spin the 275's. :eek: (I still need to install a limited slip rear.)

If you haven't done any rear suspension upgrades, don't be surprised if you get wheel hop when it spins.

9 psi is good. Next guage is a Casper's knock guage. (Put them both in a dual A-pillar pod.) Then you can start on safely upping the boost. :)
I try to leave at around 4-5 #, Any more I get a rich bog. (Which I thing I might have an answer for). So I try leaving at full Boost

Do you have a tach in the car? , Do what Rich was saying one foot on the brake & the other on the gas And see where the converter is stalling at.