how far and which way did they move?


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May 29, 2001
Now on center block has bores located straight over rod journals and off centers dont. Now the bores moved and the heads with them correct? Since the heads are moved a off center (stock style) intake manifold wont bolt up or fit properly on a on center block. Now since the manifold wont fit any more I assume both cylinder banks didnt move in the same direction(because it would still fit wouldn't it?). So did one cylinder back move forward and the other one moved back in reference to the crank? What I would like to know is which bank moved which way and by how much. I heard before it was like a tenth of an inch. Can any one give me a precise answere?

TIA: Jason
p.s: It looks like iam going to be broke for the next couple of years unless Rodger Davis stops selling me stuff. And if Rodgers reading this my wife says she wont take your mini bike in trade on her Harley. She says she doesn't think "that little fella is ready for a full size motorcycle yet!" :eek:
Jason a stock intake can be made to work. After the bicycle incident i dont know if rog it ready for a mini bike!!!!
About .120 each way. The Drivers side moved toward the front, passenger side toward the back.