How fast with my combo and Razors kit


Nov 16, 2002
Anybody running razors alky kit with a similar combo (in my sig)? How many #'s of boost are you running? Hove you had it to the track? Basically wondering how my car might react to razors alky kit.

The only thing missing for it to work great on your car is a Power Plate

Here we go, :D. If I only knew sooner that the powerplate was my missing link;). Send me one of those $60 coasters.
Ok i'll play devils advocate ;)

What does your car run on race gas with a race chip?

My buddy has a GN very similar with a Cottons stretch, 009's, 3000 converter, 206/206, and a TE44. Through the exhuast, he runs 12.1-12.2's at 113-114 23-24 PSI boost on a reds93 street chip. Stock heads. Very consistent at that level.
Damn, so basically i need a bigger turbo to get solid 11's. I didn't want to go there but I knew I would. OK guys thanks.
There is a Guy named Hank Terry I believe was running 11.5's on alky and a TA49 turbo with 009's. But I dont remember what his combo was.

Just thought I toss this in.