How hard to convert to 86/87 ignition?


Jun 22, 2001
I've read the guide on gnttype, and it sounds like its a little bit difficult. Does someone make an adapter? How difficult is it really?
I haven't done this yet, but I plan to just get the adapter plate, and adapter plug from Postons. I believe that Caspers sells the items also.

caspers makes the adapters so you might as well buy them direct.

i did mine,it wasn't that bad,but 5 minute plug and play would have been better.
How much does that adapter cost, and where can I find it?? I looked at Caspers, but I could not find it. What is the site address for Postons??
Thanks, Checkmate
I have the Gen II coils and module, I'll let you have them for $35, if you are interested. I'll garauntee them for 30 days.
Im with Checkmate, I don't see the adapter on the Casper's site either. If its an unlisted item, how much does it cost?

National84, sorry, i dont know anythign about the differences. Can the style you have bolt on? What kind of mileage is on these items?
$59.00 for the wiring adapter and about $30.00 for the coil pack adapter plate.
Hmm, getting interesting. Thanks checkmate.

There are two cheaper adapter plates in Will these work as opposed to the $30 version?
The series two uses three sepreate coil packs. One for each two cylinders. They are still in use on GM's today, and replacement coils are $30 instead of $70. You just replace the one thats bad instead of the entire set. You still need the adapter plate, at least I used mine. You drill a few holes in the plate to mount the module/coils...6 to be exact. The final install looks much better. Not to mention the fact that parts are super easy to come by. My pieces are off different cars, and I don't have the mileage for each set, but I'll give you a thirty day period to try them. I pay return shipping, and give your $ back.
I would just make my own wiring hardess. A lot of the aftermarket ones have been found to have crossed wires. My modules still have 6-10 inches of the wire attached with the factory plug. So, you could splice and attack your harness with ease.
If I were to change out both my Ignition Module and Coil packs; would I still need the adapter plate? Though, It would make sense to get the CCCI adapter for the 84/85. use the 86/87 Module...would I need to convert to a 86/87 ECM too?
You don't need to change the ecm, but it is recommended. You get greater chip selection, and more info when using diagnostic programs. As far as the module, that is just the base that the coils are mounted to, you have no choice but to change, and yes, you will need the plate. You could make you own, its just a flat slab or aluminum. the electronics are self contained. I would go with about 1/8-1/4" thick to help reduce engine heat from rising up into the system. I only bought the plate, because I had no idea what it looked like and thought it was a necessity. I have a few good 86/87 ecms and would give you a deal on the combo. If you want to go find one in a junkyard the part number is 1227148. You will need to look in 86 model GM cars with fuel injected buick V6's. I'll sell you the coil/module and the ecm for $60.
SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!:D I'll send you the Money Order for the Module and Ignition this Saterday. I get paid this Friday :D :D. I need your Mailing address so I can get it to you. Much Mahalos!!!!! The mounting plate looks easy enough to make too.

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