How I fixed my seat.

Got some lookers here. But I am curious as to how many of you guys & gals are finding a problem with your seats? Why not drop a note here if you do.

I had the broken retainer plate. but i had my friends dad cut the slide portion of the plate and remove it then weld a good seam. Then slid the plate back in and clamp the slide back down and weld them back. Silly and alot of work, but has lasted 2 years now.

GN seat repair

I removed my ds seat last summer to deal with the excessive rust problem I had. However by doing so I destroyed the plastic bolt covers. Just couldn't figure out how to remove the "nails" without wrecking the rest of the covers. Anyone know the answer? When I learn that I can go to a wrecking yard and get replacements and put it back to stock looking instead of the glossy black POR15 that shows now.
I did check the frame over for cracks but everything looked OK. Maybe the car was seldom if ever raced.... I guess?