How long did your rebuilt last???

How long did your Re-build last??

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  • 1-8 months

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  • 1-2 years

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  • still going strong 2 or more years

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Frankie -n- Theresa
May 24, 2001
How long should a re-build last? I had my engine rebuilt last summer in July.
It lasted eight months. I'm thinking of getting a re-manufactured engine from ATK Anybody running one of these engines?

Depends on who builds it. Mine is still going strong with an average boost of over 22 for the last 4 years. I know several other people with engines built by the same guy and they have over 40k on them and are still going strong, while others have hundreds of 30-40psi drag strip passes on the rebuild.
One year for me so far, but in that time I have put 30k abusive miles on it. -Still going strong.

Had my local machine shop set the bottom end up on the tight side and I assembled it at home.
almost three years on my stock rebuild 20 something thousand miles and many thrashes, and it was built by one of those "chevy" builders who admittied to never doing one before. guess i got lucky. my other car has a new bullit built by Jack Cotton, hope it lasts considering how much $$$ i spent.
Mine has a Jaspers replacement long block. It has about 15k on it. Sorry cant give you any prices because the previous owner bit the bullet.
Jaspers has an excellent warranty so if you are not going to race the car I would go that route.
The best thing is I also have the numbers matching block to toy with at my leisure:cool:
Its not how long, or how many miles, or even how many hard miles,its how bad have you detonated the motor, or did you run too much boost and lift the heads too much, etc. I saw a 10 second motor come back a week later cuz the guy put 87 octane in it.

I've never seen a remann company that used turbo cranks in their TR motors. Without that crank, your motor will be lucky to hit 5k miles. I know uses the same builder as me, and IMHO is one of the best there is.
It doesn't have anything to do with luck!

I don't think there lucky I think you're unlucky!!! If an LC2 motor is rebuilt properly it should have no problems lasting. Who rebuilt your motor??? If it only lasted 8 months something was definately wrong with the rebuild or you did something stupid to blow it up! My buddy blackshoebox (Alex) had his motor rebuild by a well known Buick mechanic where he lives and his car is a daily driver (driven hard) and it's about a year old and already has 30,000 miles from what I've heard. BLACK6PACK (Brad) knows Alex and can tell you that this car is raced basically on a daily basis and sees 20+lbs of boost very often. Keep in mind Alex changes his oil very 3k miles and takes care of the car properly which will also determine how long a rebuild will last. These motors aren't any different from other motors in the sense that they must be built and maintained properly to last. Just my 2 cents:)
GNSCOTT hit the nail on the head!!! On my last car (Now Sold) I put about 5k miles and MANY-MANY passes, and it was perfect!! New owner didn't use a scan tool, overboosted it for the Octane, and it lasted him all of a month!!
86 brick,
From the way Alex talks, he probably puts more abuse on his engine than 90% of the people on this board. Jeff built his engine right. We are lucky to have at least 4 good TR guys in south florida.
Well, If you count a wiped cam lobe as losing the whole motor, then mine lasted less than a year, but I have put 13k miles on it...But other than that, I haven't had ANY problems at all with the motor...pulled 330 hp and 440 ft/lbs, 16# boost on 92 oct pump gas with less than 2* knock on the dyno 2 months before valvetrain started ticking, but cam lobe was probably on its way out already...Plan on changing the cam out and driving the piss out of it again...

btw, I put it together...
Never takes me more than two months to build one (from extraction to installation) unless there are major problems to deal with - like the one I just finished! Never had any failures that were the engine's fault - some tuners get a little overly aggressive at times if you know what I mean.
Originally posted by OldGrayII
GNSCOTT hit the nail on the head!!! On my last car (Now Sold) I put about 5k miles and MANY-MANY passes, and it was perfect!! New owner didn't use a scan tool, overboosted it for the Octane, and it lasted him all of a month!!

>>>> I agree with what Brian and GNSCOTT says also. I know the guy who did Brian's motor as he's the only guy I will ever let do my motors. I got over 2 years on my GN motor with alot of low 11 and high 10 second runs and still get almost 25 psi oil pressure in drive while stopped at a light, confirmed that by racing this past saturday and on way home oil pressure was fine.

Same can be said on my wifes Blue T, motors been in car for over 2 years with a ton of runs in 12's to best of 11.48@114 with a non turbo crank, no steel caps. However car is always filled with 116, key is to not detonate.

Hope that helps Frankie.....will see ya Saturday.
BLACK6PACK, yeah Alex always has a race to speak of and what really impresses me is when he raced the turbo porsche his crossover pipe blew out at 147mph, but he didn't blow a headgasket or better yet the motor:eek: When you blow out the crossover pipe before you blow a headgasket you know you have a pretty strong motor!!! I would also agree that he puts more abuse on that engine than 90% of the people on this board cause that car is driven/raced on a daily basis. BTW, when Harper built Orlando's motor he must have welded the headgaskets on:D ;)
I didn't abuse the engine Scott! This car was my daily driver so I really babied this car. I changed the oil every other month.
This engine was rebuilt twice. 6 weeks after I picked up the car it went back with severe knocking The mechanic sent it back to the machinist for a second time at no cost to me because it was still under warranty. After the second rebuild I heard this noise when I shut the car off, like a bad lifter. So I brought it back to the mechanic and he said "Don't worry Let it break in" So I figured he's right and I'm paranoid.I didn't hear it anymore until last month and of course the warranty has expired (6 months or 6000 miles) and now a month later my engine's knocking.


My rebuilt lasted 1,200 miles....then KaPlewy.....They are mind boggled on how it happened...2 bad i have a 1 year just sick in tired of having it redone, etc...i want it done correctly...i wish i went to cottons performance 1st...O well live and learn huh...
who to take it to in Florida

So if I wanted my engine rebuilt who should I take it too, in Florida. I am from St. Petersburg.
whom would you recommend? Who rebuilt blackshoeboxes car?
There are several guys in florida.

BSB had his motor built by Jeff Rodrick at Economy Auto here in Lauderdale.

There is also Laz in miami and Santana here in lauderdale.

Up towards the orlando area is Cal Hartline. He frequents the board as HI PSI.
What is the cost range to rebuild an engine? I would say one that includes ported stock heads, enough re-enforcement to run low 11s and a cam to boot.