how much boost can i run?


i just got a TA-49 for christmas and i have blue tops in the car right now so how much boost can i run without running out of injector? read my sig for all the mods. and what kind of performance gain will i see?

Awesome performance with the stock turbo Cody! Very well thought out combo. The bluetops are a just about perfect for a TA49 or TE44. You should see boost in the 24-25 psi range with those 11 second time slips.

Go for it! - Jimmy
thanks Jimmy, i did have to do some research to figure out whats best and it paid off i think. and 24# is more than enough boost for me so i think you answered my question.

thanks again,
I had really good luck running lower boost 20-21 and higher timming with my te-44... I had an all (((stock))) GN, with blue tops, and a te-44 that ran in the 113-115mph range with an

(ATR Race chip)........ :eek: :D :eek: :eek: